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Christine Leuhusen is a cinematographer from Stockholm, Sweden. At an early age, she discovered her love for photography. Inspired by the powerful impact of cinema, especially after watching "A Respectable Life" by Stefan Jarl, she embarked on a journey to explore the world through her camera, traveling to exciting places and immersing herself in compelling stories. From living in Morocco, Czech Republic and Cuba to being based in Stockholm, these experiences have enriched her way of telling visual stories with a global perspective.

Christine further honed her skills with an intensive program in Advanced Cinematography at Prague Film School from 2018 to 2019. After graduation, she stayed on to work as a trainee to cinematographer David Moxness ASC, CSC, on the production of "The Wheel of Time," a series produced by Amazon Prime.

Currently, Christine is pursuing a master's degree in Cinematography at the Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH), where she continues to deepen her knowledge and creative skills in the field.

Previously, Christine has studied subjects such as the political history of Cuba, Islamic studies, gender and aesthetics, as well as photography and image theory. This broad knowledge enriches her approach to art, allowing her to connect historical and societal contexts with the language of film.

In addition to her work as a cinematographer, Christine also has valuable experience as a gaffer. She has collaborated with renowned cinematographers on commercial projects and TV series. This experience has deepened her understanding of lighting and the dynamics of production, strengthening her skills as a cinematographer.

Christine Leuhusen's art is shaped by her curiosity and dedication to capturing people's experiences through her camera. With technical expertise, keen observation, and a deep understanding of the world, she creates engaging and thought-provoking images. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences, academic learning, and a genuine passion for storytelling.

BIO & CV Christine Leuhusen 2023

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