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In Svalbard, time seems to stand still. Being situated on the periphery of the world map isolates the island from the rest of the fast-paced world. When the polar night arrives, day and night merge into one. At the same time, time is running out. The local mine is about to be closed down with consequences on society and thawing permafrost literally rips the foundation of the town away.

The stories of the locals form a memory of a place that is changing at a furious speed. Through bodily experiences, they describe the reshaping of the place they know: An avalanche that crashes the house of Eva and erases her memory of the incident. How the miners feel and hear the mountain before it collapses. How the warmer winters have changed the sound of the ice.

Surrounded by processes beyond their control, the locals need to rethink the world they once knew.

Cast & Crew

Director: Olga Krüssenberg
Writer: Olga Krüssenberg
DoP: Christine Leuhusen
Editor: Anna Eborn
Producers: Mario Adamson & Paulina Knobloch
Distributor: Filmform


Production Details

Format: Documentary
Status: Production
Length: 12 min
Languages: Swedish, Norwegian
Country of origin: Sweden


Additional Info

Supported by:
Film Stockholm
Anders Sandrews Stiftelse
International Pictures

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