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The Swedish Peace is an organization dedicated to promoting peace and conflict resolution. They work towards creating a world without violence and advocate for solutions to conflicts through dialogue, diplomacy, and international cooperation. Their efforts encompass various initiatives aimed at fostering understanding, tolerance, and collaboration to address the root causes of conflicts and build a more peaceful global community. Read more about their important work at


Written & Directed by: Karim Fakih

Producer: Simon Hernadi

DoP: Christine Leuhusen

Production company: UNCUT

FAD: Marcus Celikel

1st AC: Arnar Njáll Hlíðberg

2nd AC: Nils Wiberg

DIT: Caj Müller

Gaffer: David Lebna

Best Boy: Michael Korsgren

Best Boy: Kai Lindfors

Key Grip: Aurelio Mastaglio

Set Designer: Simon Wallin

Props Assistant: Mårten Godske

Stylist: Frida Nilsson

Production Assistant: Anes Turcinovic

Production Assistant: Patricia Ignacio

Production Assistant: Andrea Singer

Production Assistant: Buba Suleiman

Production Assistant: Samir Jegham

Editor: Nicklas Amin

VFX: Dennis Björk

Grade: Joakim Rissveds

Online: Erik Lindahl

Sound design: Julia Jonas, Albin Ceder

Talent: Lucca Duarte

Casting: Helin Honung

Composer: Andreas Pfannenstill /Melt Music

VO: Oscar König, Julia Jonas

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